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March 2 & 3 is Commitment Weekend for the 2019 CSA.  The theme of this year's CSA is "FORWARD TOGETHER:  WITH TRUTH, WITH HOPE, WITH CHRIST."  Together, we make it possible for parishes, Catholic schools, Catholic Charities, clergy and the Catholic faithful to live and share Christ's teaching.

You may wonder why you should support the CSA.  The truth is, we all must.  Our diocese still has work to do on behalf of the Lord.  The church needs your help to remain focused on Christ and the needs of the people of God.  Our bishop assures us that CSA donations are designated to fund the projects, ministries and departments of the Diocese of Erie.  No funds donated to the CSA have been or will be used to defray expenses related to the sexual abuse crisis.

Your gift is so important.  Thank you for giving.

A letter explaining the needs of our parish, with a Brochure and CSA Pledge Envelope, was mailed to all parish families.  The Pledge Envelope may be mailed back to the parish office or placed in the collection basket at Mass.


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